‘Ronay-Jenkings... A powerful piece and very well performed.’

– Australian Stage Online

‘This gorgeous entertainer…continues to wow audiences everywhere with his amazing voice.’

– Confidential/Herald Sun Melbourne

"Legally Blonde...Andrew Ronay-Jenkings was a treat, as Carlos."

– Curtain Call

"Gay and European...which featured the hilarious Andrew Ronay-Jenkings, is truly ready-made for a Sydney audience."

– Dance Australia (Legally Blonde)

'Their charm, charisma and talent exuded from the stage. The Aussie Boys…flawless harmonies.'

– E Travel Blackboard

'The Aussie Boys…flawless harmonies.'

– E Travel Blackboard

‘He is a mix of Frank Sinatra and Hugh Jackman... not to be missed.’

– Herald Sun Melbourne

‘What a wonderful voice! And what a connection with the audience, he had them eating from the palm of his hand all night.’

– Lillian Frank AM MBE

‘The production was blessed with a star performer Andrew Ronay-Jenkings.’

– Stage Whispers

‘He was a young Producer’s dream as Andrew is better looking and a better dancer than Peter Allen. He also shared the extraordinary stamina of the late singer song writer – nailing all the notes – right down to the last encore in Once Before I Go.’

– Stage Whispers

"Andrew Ronay-Jenkings who brings the house down...as Carlos in the Act Two showstopper, 'There! Right There!'"

– Stagedoorjohnny (Legally Blonde)

‘Andrew Ronay-Jenkings is dynamite as Peter Allen. This professional artist shares centre stage with Allen's memorable songs and the mix of the two is pure magic.’

– The Courier

‘Ronay-Jenkings committed to the demanding role, delivering a consistent and seasoned performance loaded with panache and most importantly ensured that the audience remained consistently entertained throughout the entirety of the show.’

– Theatre People

The Mystic Divas

Available 1st October 2014 - Melbourne, Australia Based

THE MYSTIC DIVAS are three divinely talented and gorgeous girls with that special something! An incredible new show that takes you on a journey through the greatest “Divas of the Decades”. Prepare yourself for a magical experience. They will literally hypnotize you with their pure talent and star quality.

THE MYSTIC DIVAS have a unique sound and style with unstoppable vocals to match. These three girls are fresh, exciting and have a new look and outfit for every decade! Slick and contemporary choreography compliments these three divas and makes the whole experience electrifying.

THE MYSTIC DIVAS perform an array of medleys and mega hits from well-known artists ranging from Madonna to Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga to Celine Dion, Katy Perry to Pertula Clarke and many more. New chart topping hits are performed with class, flare and sophistication, and the older favourites have been reignited and reborn.

Songs inspired from the recent smash hit movie Pitch Perfect and power ballads from the world’s biggest divas that others are usually afraid to touch make this show the next BIG THING in the Australian entertainment industry!

A show for everyone from every era and every decade.

1x 45 min Show

1x 25 min Split Show

Total: 70mins Material

Book now

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